Public law activities

The Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers provides legal advice and representation in all areas of private law.


Appeal to the Supreme Court

In principle it is obligatory to be represented by a barrister to the Council of State and the Supreme Court if lodging or defending an appeal before the Supreme Court.

This option is available with regard to any judgements made by the courts of last resort. That is:

- rulings handed down by a court of first instance of last resort

- judgements handed down by a court of appeal

The appeal must be lodged within a given period of time, in general within two months following serving or notification of the contested decision.

The time-limit for lodging an appeal is increased by one month for people living in a French overseas department or territory and by two months for those living abroad. In electoral matters, it is ten days.

In principle with regard to civil matters, the appeal has no suspensive effect.


The firm represents its clients before the following courts :

- Supreme courts: Supreme Court and Court of Arbitration

- Constitutional Council

- International courts: European Court of Justice, the General Court, European Court of Human Rights


Legal opinions

A legal opinion can be provided for any issue relating to private law.

These opinions include:

- a summary of the facts and the context of the issue

- an in-depth legal analysis of the matter, including an examination of all the legislation and regulations relating to the matter, case law and the most recent legal theory

- opinions or solutions.


Advice on litigation

Assistance may be in the form of writing a legal opinion on the chances of the case being successful or the strategy to be used in a particular matter depending on the issues raised by the client (option of taking an appeal or of lodging an appeal with the Supreme Court, withdrawing).

As part of the legal opinion given, and if there are a number of possible options, the firm will inform the client of the advantages and disadvantages of each and will offer an opinion. 


The firm is also able to work on matters relating to domestic and international arbitration.