Our commitment

The aim of the Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers is to provide its clients with high level legal expertise in all areas of the law.

It encourages a team spirit, which enables barristers to develop and pool their expertise in the interests of the client.

The personalised advisory work, the associates’ commitment when handling their cases, the continuity and availability of the contact people are some of the advantages the firm’s clients will enjoy. 

Multidisciplinary approach

The Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers is made up of twenty five permanent barristers and lawyers split into two specialist teams, one responsible for matters of private and criminal law and the other for public law. Each associate has special expertise in one or more areas, but also is experienced in advisory as well as litigation roles. Making use of its multidisciplinary expertise, the Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers is able to respond to issues raised by public and private bodies and individuals in the various branches of the law.


The way in which the Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers organises its work and its communication systems ensure the availability of its teams.


The Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers’ teams all have high level legal training. The team members, most of whom are barristers, all have one or more post graduate qualifications, and some are also doctors of law. 

The firm’s teams are very stable both in terms of partners and associates. This continuity ensures that clients have the same contact people and so their cases are handled more effectively.


The Lyon-Caen & Thiriez firm of barristers has special software that has been developed to exactly meet the needs of barristers to the Council of State and the Supreme Court with regard to advancing and managing their cases. In particular, this internal management tool includes an alarm system that prevents any procedural deadlines being missed.